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Visceral Gore!

Feb of 2012
So I apparently forgot my resolution to post on LJ more frequently. It seems like several months have passed by already, how the eff did that happen?! Anyway, nothing too new to report. I've had to stop purchasing movies for a while, money is extremely tight these days. Which blows. But I'm not here to bitch about my financial state (In short, 2 degrees = Me making almost $21k a year before taxes, which is pretty difficult to live on comfortably). Don't be a librarian if you want to live at, or above, the poverty line folks. Do something soulless, like write software or become a CPA or some other bullshit :D

Anyway, new things include: Applying for new jobs (I'm hoping to stay in Missouri (god knows why though)), looking for a new place to reside that I can share with my gf, and trying to get into the writing frame of mind so I can knock out some short stories, or a novel, and try and get it published... Not because I genuinely feel that I'm a 'gifted' person, but I want to have fun telling outrageous stories and give others the chance to enjoy my madness.

Anyway, until next time!!

City of the Living Dead
It's Halloween folks! First, here's to a happy and safe Halloween for anyone that celebrates/worships today.

Last night we watched City of the Living Dead. I think it's important that someone that loves horror films should have a well-rounded and balanced portion of halloween films. You can break things down by genre and sometimes it's a little hard to tell what exactly you are consuming. Then there are certain films that are just interesting.

City of the Living Dead is a unique Zombie film. It has some flaws (mostly effects/editing) but for the most part, the intent is generally effective. This is the infamous "priest hangs himself and opens the gates of Hell" film which has some pretty nifty, gut loosening (literally) scenes. The zombies are pretty much reserved in appearance, possess supernatural powers (they can appear suddenly for instance) and actually play a rather diminished part in this film. The main focus seems to rely more on locating the tomb of the priest to stop the supernatural events from occurring and to prevent the onslaught that will happen on All Saints Day. Our leads are rather more mature and less 'stupid' than in other films. On the whole, this movie is suppose to be mean, the gore and violence is brutal and the lead zombie acts more like a vengeful specter than anything else.

DVD collections
To me, it's pretty important to have a well maintained DVD collection. I decided some years back that it was better to own something 'just in case' than to want to rent it only to find out that it's out of print. Also, I love supporting companies that are clearly enthusiastic about movies.


is a link to my current DVD collection. I'm not sure how much of this you can see, but if you are able to click on my 'Wish list', you will notice that it is much larger than what I currently own :P

My owned collection is fairly small at the moment, I ended up losing about half of my collection after my wife and I separated, and I'm ok with that. I figure at the rate of 1 or 2 per paycheck, I will soon have a pretty good collection again. Currently, I'm trying to focus on buying DVD's from Mondo Macabro. For me, foreign horror/scifi/exploitation, etc. is where it's at for the moment. I only wish I could find copies of more Turkish stuff, which is super hard to find, especially in decent condition.

Anyway, if you're a movie nerd like I am, I highly recommend DVD aficionado. I use this site a lot, and it's a great way to track what you own, what you want, etc.

For the record, my wish list is roughly a mix of stuff I KNOW I want, and stuff I know I want to see. There are things on there that I can't remember why I added them, but if i can watch them via Netflix or other means prior to buying, that would be awesome.

Nunsploitation! (gasp!? shock!?)
My girlfriend and I just recently finished watching a Nunsploitation boxset that I had recently ordered from DVDplanet (as an aside, I'm always curious as to where other people usually buy dvd's or do most people just steal them these days...). Anyway, this box set has 3 films, plus a documentary on Joe D' Amato. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of his work, but If it meant watching him or Spielberg, I know who I'm going with.

This is the boxset: Nunsploitation box set.

The first film (The True Story of the Nun of Monza) and the second film (The Nuns of St. Archangel) are both fairly similar in terms of the storyline. A struggle for power between nuns, lesbian desire, greed and the ever present presence of lascivious men that further exasperate the situation. I'll say that right now, none of the films in this set are exactly horrific in terms of supernatural horror, although the third comes pretty close. The horror is derived from scenes of torture and punishment that arise as the Nuns fall prey to the religious mandates imposed by men.

The third film, "Images in a Convent" is D 'Amato's film, and is easily the most pornographic of the three. To the point where it was more disturbing than anything else. There are clear shots of genitals, penetration and a rape scene. The general idea of the story is that there is a statue in the monastery that begins to the possess the Nuns into fits of extreme lust. A man enters the monastery and is a catalyst, he is often juxtaposed with the statue of a satyr, and represents sexual greed. From there, things take a turn for the worse for the nuns. Like the other two films, this one features a story revolving around one or more nuns that have wealth behind their family names and are struggling to assume control as mother superior.

While I like Nunsploitation films, I tend to enjoy them a little more if there is a deeper element of supernatural horror. These three focus more on physical desire than anything else, so I will admit that I won't rank these as among my favorite nunsploitation films, that title still goes to Alucarda, which is in my opinion, amazing (if not slightly silly in the final 20 minutes or so). Still, I'm glad I own these, D' Amato's is the best in terms of disturbing subject matter, but it's also the most exploitative, using explicit sex over implied sex.

The new and the old
So recently I've started up my old habit of buying some movies with each paycheck. It's pretty exciting really because for the most part, I haven't seen the movies that I am buying previously. A lot of the time people may argue that this is stupid logic, especially in today's economy. However, my interests are pretty exact so I'm bound to be amused, entertained or captivated by what I am watching.

Maybe I should start reviewing the films I watch on here, just so I can get into the habit of writing more. My girlfriend and I really enjoy the same movies, and I haven't been able to find one yet that she hasn't enjoyed to some extent. That, my friends, is a true test of companionship. If you can find someone that is WILING to sit through films like Blood Orgy of the She-Devils, Godmonster of Indian Flats or Joe D' Amato's Images in a Convent (extremely pornographic, I wouldn't recommend it as a first date movie, unless you date hookers), than you are in luck. My first love in cinema will always be trash and horror. Horror plays a huge part honestly, but to a lesser degree there is exploitation and science fiction as well.

I've discovered that my tastes are slightly changing though. I don't know if it's because of external influences or my own personal beliefs have begun to shift, but there are certain elements that I am finding I don't get as much enjoyment from as I use to. Maybe I am just seeing movies differently than I use to. It's odd to watch a movie again after a span of 5 years or so, your perceptions of what is happening on screen and the interaction between the actors changes. No matter what. I'm not suggesting that I'm tiring of horror or exploitation films, but my preference is shifting to different styles of horror. Right now, I am intensely interested in foreign horror and adventure/scifi, with the exception of J-Horror. I still struggle to enjoy that despite that it is generally well received. If i could, I would love to own every film put out by Onar films. These are hard to find Turkish films that often demonstrate a deep love for Western cinema, featuring not only borrowed footage but also exhibit Turkish interpretations and re-interpretations of classic Western figures, images and events from superhero, western and science fiction cinema.

I'm back?
well.... maybe. I try to come back every few years and that damnable Facebook opens its bloody maw and chokes my will to persist on LJ. We'll keep trying. Lotta crap has changed since I was last on here so yeah...

Ta Da!!
Hey everybody!! It's my bi-annual post to my Livejournal blog thingie, Yay!! I don't know what I need to do to motivate me to post more often but this is ridiculous. I think it's that evil Facebook that has turned me into some adulterous low-life cheat. Halloween is almost here and the wife and I aren't certain what to do. Money is tight this year (she lost her job) and while we want to get all rigged-up and have a night of liquor and face paint madness, we aren't sure what to do. Zombies could be done, but then again, I live in a college town, you see zombies every day. For those that don't know about recent happenings because you aren't on Facebook (which I check a lot more often), I'm a proud daddy of a 5 month old Pug named Tepin (it's a type of Chili Pepper). Nothing else to report really, just working on my Masters and praying to various deities that I can write a grant for this class and not have a mental meltdown. I might be able to get my practicum waived, that would be sweet. Alright, that's all.

well dang
I just can't seem to remember to post on this ol' thing... My wife sucked me into that unholy abomination called Facebook *shudder*, still don't have any frickin friends on there really. Oh well. I should be studying my arse off really.... I've decided that Cataloging is cool but I don't wanna learn it from the new guy teaching it at MU. He's a good person, but a horrible professor. and the textbook, my god, where did they find this thing?

Anyway, life otherwise is awesome.

Haven't posted here in ages. My god, I'm in graduate school at last.... I'm loving one class, but the other, Organization of Information, is a nightmare. I think if the text was written in a logical and organized manner, it might help...some.

almost a year
it's been nearly a year since I last updated this ol' thing. I guess life just kind of carries you away, which probably isn't a bad thing really. I'd kind of hate to spend the majority of my life typing out personal details and ruminations for an online community. Anyway, Cathie and I bought our first home this June and I must say, home ownership is kinda fun. We can do whatever the hell we want to our house and we don't have to stoop to the landlord. Once we get it all setup we plan to have a pizarty of some sort, probably involving lots of vodka. I finally have my own room where I can seclude myself and (hopefully) get back into the writing groove. But for now, I spend my days in 'the office' listening to experimental jazz, corresponding with that demonic entity known as the University of Missouri, and working the same damn old job. At least I'm not working evenings anymore, much. Cathie's working at Columbia College and doing fine and is getting ready to possibly go back and pick up a Masters degree in something a little more useful than Psych. Odin (our dog) is a horrible monster and has decided to not be housebroken again. He also has discovered the magical world of Kitty candy (litterbox) and that trash cans can be pushed over. I'm setting a plan to contribute more to this journal, in the hopes that it'll kick start the creative spark. We'll see.... I've also (shamefully?) have been spending a lot more time on Myspace so feel free to flame if you're one of those anti-myspacers.


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